It’s All Comin’ Up Daisies

I’ve mentioned it previously that daisies are among my least favorite flowers. But I loooove to shoot them. There’s just something about them that they turn out well in photos.

Remarkably Unremarkable

I’ve never been a big fan of daisies. I find them to be unremarkable and plain and relatively boring flowers. HOWEVER, I really enjoy photographing them in bunches because they always come out looking fabulous. It’s the multi-focal thing again. I can’t get over it.

Summer Daisies

WOOOHOOOO it’s Throwback Thursday!! In honor of the GORGEOUS 85 degree weather we had today, here is one of my favorite photos from last summer. Have I mentioned that I’m head over heels in love with what my d7100 and 85mm macro lens do when they’re paired together? Because it’s nothing short of magic.