Combing through the archives again. So the absolute coolest thing I found at the Dallas Museum of Art were the little flyer artifacts in the Ancient Mayan section. I remember walking around the room and saying to my mom “I WONDER IF THERE’S ANY ANCIENT AIRPLANE ARTIFACTS HERE” and then not even ten seconds later,…


I’ve been perusing my archives and was looking through my Dallas folder and found this photo. I debated sharing this back in August/September, but decided against it. But I’m sharing it now. This closeup is part of an incredible massive wardrobe with mother of pearl inlay work. It’s breathtakingly beautiful in person, but also on…


I got a lot of things done yesterday, but photography was not one of them. So, to the archives we go! I get super excited about flying for lots of reasons, but one of the top is and always will be seeing clouds from the other side. And I always take pictures of them. Here’s…


Some more playing around with focus on the macro lens. I found this Citrine chunk down in Dallas at the Arboretum for $2. I couldn’t pass it up.


With summer officially over, it’s nice to look back on dreary days like today and remember that sunny, warm weather will be back around in just a few months time. And gorgeous flowers and vibrant greens and busy bees.