Lucy Goosey

For those of you who see this on Facebook, you might already know that I’ve been giving my neighbor’s cats snacks. They come meow at our door every day now that they know they’re gonna get food, and I’m okay with that cause they’re skinny and skinny cats make me sad. Anyway, one of the…

Sleepy Kitty

I went through some old albums and found some pictures of my aunt’s cat Puffy that I haven’t shared before. This is from earlier this year where he was laying on the top of her loveseat, showered with catnip. He was high off his rocker. I love this furry beast.


For real, it’s actually TBT tonight so let’s roll it back, shall we? Circa April 2012, my best friend Maria’s kitty, Ruby.

Mr. Cutie Doe Eyes

This isn’t my best photo. But I cannot resist those baby doe eyes! *squealy noises of happiness*

Pretty Boy Puffy

Any day is a good day to share a picture of Puffy. (Really wishing I had a touchable pet right about now…sigh.)