While I’m sharing selfies, I have a handful of relatively new ones that I haven’t shared.

The one I’m sharing tonight was taken a few months ago, in the summer, prior to me switching my hair to Pravana vivids yellow, orange, and red. I’m wearing a crystal crown headband I made, which I nearly never wear in real life because it’s so heavy, it tends to slip and fall off my head, regardless of the fact that I tried to make it anti-slip.



Selfie Saturday: Doe Eyes


An old profile pic.

I really like the clarity of this photo, actually. Face and subject aside. The camera focused really well.



Floral & Nature

I was momentarily SO happy because I thought it was Thursday and I thought “OH LORD, IT’S THROWBACK THURSDAY” and then I hovered over the time on my taskbar and it told me it was Wednesday and I was sad.

I’ve done a lot of things in the past in terms of fashion that I thought were cool and different at the time, but in retrospect are kinda embarrassing.

In 2012, I used to wear these birds in my hair. I swear.



Floral & Nature

Some more macro play tonight.

I loves watches, by the way. I got this Kenneth Cole piece at work for I think $25. If you’re interested in more fashion stuff from me, follow my fashion blog, Vivologie. #fashionfriday is a weekly occurrence, and once this project wraps up, I’ll be focusing on that blog more!

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I’m gonna do a little “throwback Tuesday” tonight, but with fresh content that I’ve never published before.

Circa February 2013, during my internship with PeaceLoveSpandex. This is model Krysta in PLS signature booty shorts and a striped knit unitard. Taken with the d3000 and 85mm macro lens (which had me standing back like 20 feet haha).