Sleepy Kitty

I went through some old albums and found some pictures of my aunt’s cat Puffy that I haven’t shared before. This is from earlier this year where he was laying on the top of her loveseat, showered with catnip. He was high off his rocker. I love this furry beast.

Mr. Cutie Doe Eyes

This isn’t my best photo. But I cannot resist those baby doe eyes! *squealy noises of happiness*

Pretty Boy Puffy

Any day is a good day to share a picture of Puffy. (Really wishing I had a touchable pet right about now…sigh.)

Puffy the Majestic Big Boy

Not being allowed to have my own touchable pets means I have to get my fill via other people’s pets. I stopped by my aunt’s house yesterday after my dental appointment and had a mini photoshoot with her gorgeous fat cat Puffy. Don’t be surprised if I post way more pictures in the coming days….