Happy Belated 4th!

I completely forgot to update yesterday. I’m getting bad at this. I’m making up for it though – another puff infused fireworks photo – happy belated 4th of July!

Light It Up

More fireworks! I thought this photo turned out relatively well.


This is one of my favorite photos from last night. The little puffs of fireworks past are so cute!

A Sunday Throwback

In honor of my city’s fireworks festival that occurred tonight, and because it’s nearly midnight and I have no time to edit, here’s a throwback to another year! (Yes I have posted this picture this year already. #notsorry)

Missing Summer

More things I’m missing: summer, fireworks, warm air, homegrown vegetables, summer, running outside, swimming, tanning, summer, air-dried hair, flowers, the sound of grasshoppers at night… Wait, have I mentioned summer yet?   You may NOT use this work outside of the viewing pleasure of this blog. Thank you!