Floral & Nature

I went MIA for nearly two weeks in the middle of some great photos…don’t ask me why, even I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m back with a continuation! This is definitely one of my favorite new photos that I’ve taken. Enough that I decided to stick it on the back of my new business cards! The colors look even better printed out. The blues are deeper and more vibrant which makes the oranges really pop out.

This is the perfect example of what I was talking about in an earlier post about focusing on contrasting colors in my recent pieces.

Hope you enjoy!


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Floral & Nature

Remember that little snippet a few days ago when I said I started to intentionally photograph flowers with contrasting backgrounds? This is one of those examples.

I have another one, in the same thread (poppies) coming up later that I like even more, but I enjoyed the gentle way of life this one conveys.


Breaking Rules

Floral & Nature

For those of you who follow me on Instagram/FB/Tumblr/Twitter (phew!), this photo might look a little familiar.

That’s because it was part of a picture I shared of the photos I went and got printed to update some frames in our house. I’m not particularly proud of the way this photo is set up in terms of following the rule of thirds and all that, because to be honest, it makes me itch because it’s between lines. However, I really fell in love with the focus versus bokeh effect.

Plus, even the original had striking colors, so during the editing process I made sure to bring those out to their fullest potential and I think I did a good job with that.

Enjoy, Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all the veterans who’ve served for our freedoms here in the US, especially to those who’ve paid the ultimate price. Cheers.

– Viv



Floral & Nature

One of my favorite unintentional things (at first) that I noticed while I was doing this shoot was that I was capturing a lot of contrasting color backgrounds for the flowers I was photographing.

During the editing process, however, I had loads of fun playing around with adjusting certain photographs, including this one, so that they’d show a greater contrast between the focus and the background.

In particular, I made a point to shoot more oranges than I normally do. I don’t know if anyone else has trouble with the color orange, but I’ve always found it to be pretentious, especially in sunlight. It doesn’t want to work with me and I’m still trying to figure out the best methods for capturing how gorgeous it can be. I’m pleased with the result of the squashy orange in the background of this photo though.


Early Summer Flowers

Floral & Nature

I’ve been meaning to edit and upload some more flower photos from earlier this summer, and I finally had the energy/time to do so this morning.


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F-stop: f/1.8 Exp: 1/800 ISO: 320


F-stop: f/1.8 Exp: 1/640 ISO: 320


F-stop: f/1.8 Exp: 1/320 ISO: 320


F-stop: f/1.8 Exp: 1/320 ISO: 320