Week 2: Color Harmony x Composition


This week’s r/WeeklyPhotos photo challenge was color harmony x composition.

As someone whose photography is color harmony on crack (I mean, seriously, just look at my florals) I found this past week’s challenge actually challenging. I think the major reason is of course because of the season – I’d say my specialty is definitely floral photography, so when there’s no flowers to photograph, I’m out of my comfort zone.

But I took to the streets on Thursday, even got REALLY out of my comfort zone and photographed things in stores – which I’m always really leery about doing because I don’t want to get in trouble for “taking pictures of merchandise”.

Anyway, one of my stops of Cranbrook House and Gardens, which is more in my realm of comfort. I shot some neat photos of foliage and things like that, but I got a couple shots of a fallen piece of a pine tree against the red bricks in the wooded fountain across from the main entrance of the house.

The original photo is vastly underwhelming, and I’ll post it below. But I knew when I took the shot that it had potential post-processing, and I’m happy that I was right.

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Floral & Nature

I rushed over the Yates Cider Mill a few nights ago right before the sun went down because I wanted to take pictures of dead and dying foliage.

I managed to get a few interesting shots before it got really dark. I did most of them on complete manual, which I find always gives me really interesting photos. I think it’s the fact that I can make the lens focus wherever I please, so it gives multi-dimensional visual points. If that makes any sense.


When I Know You’re Not Around


I’ve been thinking of doing a series of these letter photos for a while now. I’ve got Bananagrams and Appletters burning a hole in my creative heart and I finally started today.

Behold. An appropriate song lyric.

Oh. And there’s an “n” instead of “and” because APPARENTLY Appletters only has 3 D’s.



Floral & Nature

I found this little guy hiding behind one of our big bushes. The color really stood out against all the greenery.



Floral & Nature

My mom and I made our annual trip to Yates Cider Mill on Friday and aside from getting our fill of apple pies, donuts, and cider, we also decided to walk all the way to the end of the walkway.

On the way back, we witnessed not one, but two garter snakes and we screamed like little girls. When we reached the end of the walkway, we saw another one, but it was a baby and running away from a little kid.

Lesson learned: do not walk to the end of the walkway ever again.

Regardless, I still took some satisfactory pics of the foliage.