My aunt has a lot of trees on her property. And sometimes I like to photograph the foliage.


Some of the trees on a neighboring street are kinda sickly. But the holes in the leaves make for cool pictures.


My aunt has a lot of great foliage and flowers and overall nature on her property. This is one of my many photos I’ve eagerly hoarded throughout the years from her gardens.

Pepper Plant

It’s finally that time of year that the plants are starting to come up and even grow little flowers before they fruit! I can’t wait for the summer spoils.

Yates Cider Mill

It’s a tradition at my high school to take the seniors who passed their ACTs to Yates Cider Mill in the fall. My first time going there was because of this. Since then, I’ve tried to get my mom to go every year (succeeded two years in a row so far!) and so we went…