Some more succulents! I grabbed this thorny little guy at IKEA as well. He’s currently hanging a little lopsided in the bowl because of the way I potted him.


Some more floral shots from my trip to Lowe’s a couple weeks ago. I always enjoy photographing small flowers and plants with multitudes of levels that the lens picks up different depending on where I focus. I think these make the most interesting pictures. I’ve got a couple in this lineup today.

TBT: Dill With It

Iiiiit’s #throwbackthursday and this week I’m throwing it back to a photo you’ve never seen before, but it’s been in my archives for a few years. I like sharing these never-before-shared-on-this-blog photos with you guys.

Hanging by a Leaf

Freshly watered plants always look pretty, don’t you think? Another terrarium closeup.   You may NOT use this work outside of the viewing pleasure of this blog. Thank you!

Little Forest: II

Part two of the terrarium closeups. Macro lens on deck. Again, any blurriness that looks like it doesn’t belong in here is caused by the glass of the bowl, not by shaky camera handling. I really like the way this shot turned out.   You may NOT use this work outside of the viewing pleasure…