Happy Easter!

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It’s still Easter Sunday over here in Eastern Standard Time, and therefore not too late for me to share my eggs this year.

I was too busy with work to be able to do my fancy pysanky/kistky eggs this year, but I bought gold “dye” because we didn’t have any yellow, and all in all, our eggs turned out pretty cool. After I’d dyed several in blue, green, red, and purple, and I’d rubbed the first layer of gold on the gold eggs, I decided to roll one of them in my golden hands, and it turned out that it looks kind of like a golden galaxy on a field of a given color.






Combing through the archives again.

So the absolute coolest thing I found at the Dallas Museum of Art were the little flyer artifacts in the Ancient Mayan section. I remember walking around the room and saying to my mom “I WONDER IF THERE’S ANY ANCIENT AIRPLANE ARTIFACTS HERE” and then not even ten seconds later, I turned a corner, and there they were.

If you’re a fan of Ancient Aliens, you’ll know what these guys are. The museum had them labeled as “mythological creatures” but even if you take away any prior information that might be related to Ancient Alien Theory, can you honestly sit there and tell me that just because they’re decoratively designed and have faces, there’s not even a chance they could be airplanes? Birds don’t have tails like that. And ancient cultures often, and in other countries where there is still folk culture alive and well to this day, added decorative designs to their artwork.

Alas, here are the “mythological creatures” that are clearly gold sculptures of airplanes. Just sayin’.


Ferrero Rocher

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Because everyone needs a little Ferrero Rocher in their life.




Today is my 3 year anniversary of being on Wordpress!

I totally don’t have anything special planned because I had no idea until I got the notification, but yay! I can’t believe I’ve been typing away on here for 3 years, pretty much every single day, thanks to all the 365/30 day challenges I’ve done.

In semi-celebration, here is a dancing Hindi goddess from the Dallas Museum of Art.


TBT: Vintage Finds

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Woo! Throwback Thursday!

Sometimes I find some really pretty things at thrift stores. This photo includes 3! A gorgeous English china teacup set and 2 sterling silver rings. I especially love the gold overlay one.