Some more succulents! I grabbed this thorny little guy at IKEA as well. He’s currently hanging a little lopsided in the bowl because of the way I potted him.

Hello to the Sun

I nearly forgot I had blogging obligations tonight. I didn’t forget I had photography obligations though! My best friend Maria was in from Philly a couple weeks ago and we hit up IKEA on the way home from Ann Arbor. I picked up some succulents while there and potted them in a neat flat bowl…

Poppyseed Cake

My mom’s been getting creative with her cooking and baking again. Yesterday she made poppyseed cake and it is quite literally one of the most sinfully delicious desserts to ever cross my taste buds. It’s basically poppyseed filling stuck between 2 sheets of some kind of eggless, coconut-oil substituted crust. Honestly can’t eat more than…

Stamped Out

After my SD card adapter completely pooped out on me tonight, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to have something new to show you guys. But thank the gods for extra laptops and SD slots that actually work. RIGHT!? Right. Tonight’s sunset through my fabulous Ikea drapes. Holler.