TBT: Vintage Finds

Woo! Throwback Thursday! Sometimes I find some really pretty things at thrift stores. This photo includes 3! A gorgeous English china teacup set and 2 sterling silver rings. I especially love the gold overlay one.

Leather and Ombre

One of the leather earrings I designed a few months back when I was on a leather kick. If you’re interested in purchasing a pair or commissioning a custom piece, email me! P.S. I updated the blog theme tonight because I realized I couldn’t search my archives. Let me know what you guys think in…


Blessed be the day – it’s Throwback Thursday! My best friend Maria and I bought ourselves matching costume jewelry birdy rings when I visited in April of 2012. Mine broke from wear not long after. But it was cute while it lasted.  


There are often times, especially recently, that work is very boring and very uneventful. So I often times end up flipping through our order books and often times find things I want. Recently, I found these cute garnet earrings that I figured would be relatively cheap (they were) and beautiful (they are). So for a…


I REALLY wish I could deliver some fresh stuff today, but unfortunately I had to work a 13 hour shift by myself because my manager has bronchitis. Soooo, here’s a picture of some earrings I got for Christmas a few years ago. Fingers crossed that tomorrow I get some one on one time with my…