Decay and Vitality

I took my annual trip to Yates Cider Mill last month and of course I brought my camera with me. It was towards the end of the foliage decay in this particular section of town, so there weren’t too many subjects to photograph, but I managed.

I used my 50mm lens, partly because I forgot to stick my macro lens on – however, as I’ve mentioned before, I seem to get some really fantastic bokeh shots with this lens and it continues to be my go-to lens for every day photography.

Anyway, here’s a few shots from the day.


I really like the way the above photo turned out. I think it shows a great contrast between colors, but also between the decay and vitality of nature and how strongly something like a leaf can hang on to it’s live-giving branch. That sounds super poetic, but nature is poetic.


I had a tough time choosing between the above photo and another, landscape version of the same leaves. But ultimately, like that poppy picture from this summer, I like the contrast between the orange of the leaves and the serene blue background.


In this last photo, I found this stalk of leaves sprouting out of the ground surrounded by mostly trees with falling leaves and I thought it was just brilliant to see this bright green foliage defying the autumn season.



Our front yard has leaves scattered all over and the variety of colors is gorgeous, but the bicolored red/orange ones are always among my favorite.

85mm macro lens, on my knees, the sun was shining straight through the leaf at me.

As an aside, I had a small discussion last night with a former professor who gave me some good advice and critiques of my photography and mentioned that employers/people are interested in the process behind the final work.

I think once I finish this 365 challenge, I’ll be updating this blog with more informational posts and behind-the-scenes pics/info of how I work my magic with the camera. What do you guys think? DOES ANYONE READ THIS???

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