Singular Liquidity

Okay you guys. I must and I will take new photos tomorrow. But for now I’m going to reshare a photo from earlier this year. I don’t think I shared this one as a singular photo, because I know I did a side-by-side feature with a partnering photo where you can’t see the ice. Check…


Halloween was a busy day and I totally forgot to update the blog – oh well. Here’s to #selfiesaturday though, cheers.

Tortoise Shell.

It’s #throwbackthursday, but I’m gonna mix it up again and do a throwback that you haven’t seen before. Self portrait, January 2013.

Chin Up, Buttercup

Another Selfie Saturday coming your way. I usually end up narrowing down the best of my pictures to one or two before I update my profile picture on every social platform with the new one. Last week it was between this one and the one that actually won over it. I think this one is…

Dark Lips, Dark Words

Heyyyy it’s Selfie Saturday and I’m chock-full of ’em this weekend. For those of you who may be wondering, yes I do dedicate time to taking professional looking pictures of myself. It’s something I genuinely enjoy doing, and it’s great practice for knowing my angles among other things, including getting to know my camera better….