Danielle x Pinup Portraits

Today was pretty exciting creatively. I asked my coworker Danielle a while ago if she’d be interested in being my muse for a photography shoot and after seeing my recent pinup style pics, she said yes. We both did her makeup, although she let me do the contouring and such. I enhanced contouring in Photoshop…

Split Ends

I searched my archives tonight looking for something good to post because I felt photographically frustrated today while trying to make some new content. I ran across an old selfie photoshoot I did last year around February and decided I’d utilize my new Wacom tablet and re-edit one of the pictures. I just tweaked some…

Ginger Sunrise

It’s Selfie Saturday and I’m currently at a wedding so this is queued! I got my hair done freshly ginger last week so I’d look fantastically redhead for today and of course I had to take some photos. I mean, duh.

Middle Part

Heyyy it’s Selfie Saturday. I was feeling pretty and self-confident a few days ago and decided to take some pictures while there was still light out. Here’s one of the results!


Besides getting a nice tan going, gorgeous weather, and all-around warmth, summer is my favorite season because it gives me freckles. I really enjoy¬†getting freckles on my nose for some reason. This is a picture I took last year with my 50mm lens after I’d played around with makeup. I was hoping to capture the…