Danielle x Pinup Portraits

Today was pretty exciting creatively. I asked my coworker Danielle a while ago if she’d be interested in being my muse for a photography shoot and after seeing my recent pinup style pics, she said yes.

We both did her makeup, although she let me do the contouring and such. I enhanced contouring in Photoshop to give her face more of that pop! But to be honest, she didn’t really need it anyway. She has the right kind of planes and angles to be a proper model, IMO. Anyway, here’s a few shots from today.

I used my 50mm portrait lens, ISO 400, f 1.8, exposure range 50-80.



Split Ends

I searched my archives tonight looking for something good to post because I felt photographically frustrated today while trying to make some new content.

I ran across an old selfie photoshoot I did last year around February and decided I’d utilize my new Wacom tablet and re-edit one of the pictures. I just tweaked some minor stuff, fixed some blemishes, used a different Photoshop action. I like the final product.

I’m weeping inside at the split ends you can see in this picture though. My hair has really come a long way in almost 2 years – THANK GOD. Also, I feel like I may have shared this photo previously. In a set. Because it’s saved as a set as well. Oh well. Double dose it is.


La Vie en Rose

It’s Selfie Saturday!

The other day, my mom and I went to Somerset and while she was using the bathroom, I perused Claire’s – because why not. I don’t normally shop Claire’s and can’t remember the last time (before the other day) that I bought anything from them because they’re insanely overpriced.

However, I noticed in their clearance section they have these massive headbands (pictured below) marked down from $24 for $2. TWO FREAKING DOLLARS. And I was like holy crap, this will be FANTASTIC for photography purposes. So I bought one. For photography purposes.

And then I dolled myself up yesterday and took pictures. I like the results, given the fact that selfies in the winter with no studio setup is a challenge. It’s not exactly what I was hoping for, again, due to lack of studio and studio lighting and all that, but it’s good enough. And something to build on.