RenFest Darth Vader

I did not get more than a handful of photos this year at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, but that’s a whole lot to do with wandering the place and enjoying the experience more than worrying about getting a good photo. Luckily, I did whip out my camera when ornate Darth Vader showed up. I’m pretty…


There’s this glass shop at the Michigan Renaissance Festival that sells all kinds of cool handmade blown glass pieces, from usable to artsy. This year they had these adorable glass chicks in various colors.

Flight of the Falcon

While the guy in the hawking and falconry act did the hawking tricks, the lady followed with the falcons. This cutie is the one that got to swoop around us. They also had a gorgeous white falcon, speckled with mousy gray spots.

Birds of Prey

There was a man and lady at the RenFest this year that were demonstrating hawking and falconry with their trained birdies and it was pretty much the coolest thing ever. I’ve always been fascinated by falconry thanks for reading many English Renaissance era books in my youth about Bloody Mary, Queen Elizabeth I, Henry VIII,…

Fairy Bower

The Michigan Renaissance Festival started doing a fairy house contest last year where goers were challenged to create houses that fairies might live in. They’re lined up in a large empty portion along the walkway and they’re probably one of the neatest attractions there. Each house is different, in both size and artistic creativeness, and…