Danielle x Pinup Portraits


Today was pretty exciting creatively. I asked my coworker Danielle a while ago if she’d be interested in being my muse for a photography shoot and after seeing my recent pinup style pics, she said yes.

We both did her makeup, although she let me do the contouring and such. I enhanced contouring in Photoshop to give her face more of that pop! But to be honest, she didn’t really need it anyway. She has the right kind of planes and angles to be a proper model, IMO. Anyway, here’s a few shots from today.

I used my 50mm portrait lens, ISO 400, f 1.8, exposure range 50-80.



TBT: Pierce



Tonight’s TBT comes from Detroit Design Festival 2012, at the fashion closing party where I participated in as a student designer. This was one of the gorgeous models from that night. Her eyes were so piercing.


Lazy Sunday


As I gear up for the Tangent Art Gallery Show in Detroit on April 5th, (check it out here, and if you’re in the area, come!) here’s one of my favorite shots from Detroit Design Festival 2012. This was one of the models who was part of the PeaceLoveSpandex lineup – who I later interned with in 2013.

I really love redheads.

Should I add this to my collection of what I’ll be showing? Leave it in the comments!