Lucy Goosey

For those of you who see this on Facebook, you might already know that I’ve been giving my neighbor’s cats snacks. They come meow at our door every day now that they know they’re gonna get food, and I’m okay with that cause they’re skinny and skinny cats make me sad.

Anyway, one of the cats, Lucy (short for Lucifer) is super friendly and loves being petted and often sits in our grass after eating. He kind of looks like he’s protecting the house when he does this.

I’ve photographed him before while he’s been sitting in our grass, but comparatively, my skills at both photography and photo-editing have gotten better in the 5 and a half years since. For comparison’s sake, I’m going to upload the picture from a few years ago too.

The first 2 are from this September.


The picture below is from May 2011. My personal critiques are that my photography was a lot more closed in on subjects. I was pretty obsessed with getting that macro effect, which didn’t allow much space to the subject at hand in the frame. I’m still working on this part because I feel like I close in too much still, but I’m improving.

I also overused really saturated actions and curves in Photoshop. I’m pretty proud of my current more natural, vibrant, color boosting system I use.

I was also using a Nikon d3000 with the kit lens on the below picture, whereas in the new photos, I’m using a d7100 with a 50mm portrait lens. So that also factors in – BUT, I did take some great photos toward the end of my ownership with the d3100. But this particular photo is from the first year I owned it and was learning my way around a DSLR.



TBT: Crystalline

For tonight’s Throwback Thursday, I’m sharing a photo I never uploaded this blog. It’s from 2011, taken with my old d3000 and 85mm macro lens.

I used to go around finding all kinds of stuff to photograph simply because I was so excited to have a DSLR and macro lens. My life was complete.


Splash City, Bitch

I¬†used to get all kinds of creative with my photography. I don’t know what happened. Life, I guess. And graduating college – which, in theory (because I actually have quite a lot of free time on my hands at the moment) should be providing me with lots of opportunities to think outside the box and experiment, but as it so happens, I’ve been quite lazy.

It’s a shame really, because I could and SHOULD be doing more stuff like this.

This is a compilation of 3 photos that I Photoshopped together into 1 to make it look like there’s 3 splashes.

I really should redo this experiment with my new camera to see how it captures splashes compared to the old d3000.



You may NOT use this work outside of the viewing pleasure of this blog. Thank you!