Dollar Birdy

Some more ornaments! I got this birdy for a dollar at Michaels last year.

Santa Baby

I think this was the ornament I made last year at my annual Friendmas party. It’s so cute and simple, I want to make more.

Stars and Sparkles

Weeeee! Ornaments! Prepare yourselves, I’ll probably have more of these kinds of photos coming up.

High Hopes and Hedgehogs

My parents won’t let me have a cat or a dog. Or a bunny, or a bird (although I’m pretty sure I COULD probably come home with one and they wouldn’t put up such a big fuss) or any other touchable pet. Most recently, I’ve been trying to convince them to let me have a…

Yes, I’m Alive. Here’s Some Pretty Ornaments.

Hellooooo blogosophere! I know it’s been like a month since I last updated, but sometimes life catches up with you and you get swamped and then when you finally catch a break and you don’t feel like doing anything whatsoever except cocooning yourself into a fluffy ball of sherpa fleece blankets, watching The Notebook and…