Breakfast Clafoutis with Cherries

Hello hello! I’m back with a delicious recipe I tried out this morning/afternoon. Afternoon, cause I got out of bed at 11:15 and didn’t finish this until after 12, BUT ANYWAY. I wanted to eat something different from just cereal or eggs or toast, so I got my ass on Foodgawker as usual and found…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know I post pictures of pancakes all the time (on Instagram too) but they’re such delicious and easy subjects. Today I made cardamom pancakes because I finally found powdered cardamom last weekend, and topped them with heart shaped strawberry slices and honey. Happy Valentine’s Day from my kitchen to yours!

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

Hi! I’m back. Told you guys I wouldn’t be gone long! It’s refreshing taking a step back from having to do photography every single day. But let’s be honest, I definitely cheated a lot last year on this project. I used a lot of old photos on days I didn’t have new content and I’m…

Saturdays Are For Pancakes

Saturdays are for pancakes. And this Saturday I got a little extra fancy and made lemon poppy seed pancakes instead of my usual cinnamon. They turned out really well. I didn’t have any strawberries so I topped them with frozen raspberries. And honey, of course.

Pam’s Pancakes: Round 2

Yes yes yes. I skipped a day. But it was my friend’s birthday and I got home well past midnight. No point in back dating a post. Soooo, because today was my day off and I woke up late, I decided to try Pamela’s pancake mix again this “morning” (noon). As it turns out, I…