RenFest Darth Vader

I did not get more than a handful of photos this year at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, but that’s a whole lot to do with wandering the place and enjoying the experience more than worrying about getting a good photo. Luckily, I did whip out my camera when ornate Darth Vader showed up. I’m pretty…

Sweet Willie

Another XICW shot. I’m still working on capturing photos without blurr during movement.

The Scarboni Brothers

Because it’s Friday night. I hit up an XICW show last weekend and it was entertaining. Especially this match.

Hardcore with a Heart

Heyyy If you’re looking for something to do today in the Metro Detroit Area, XICW is having their annual December specialty show, Hardcore with a Heart. $5 or 5 canned goods for admission, proceeds go to charity! Check out their Facebook page here for more info. Anyway, in honor of this event, here’s a photo…

Selfie Saturday: Doe Eyes

An old profile pic. I really like the clarity of this photo, actually. Face and subject aside. The camera focused really well.