A lovely giant chunk of smokey quartz at the Perot Museum in Dallas. Smokey quartz is not one of my favorite crystals, but it can be very pretty in its own way. For those of you interested in crystal healing, it may be of interest to know that smokey quartz is helpful in keeping your…

A Baby Raptor

Another really cool exhibition at the Perot Museum was their floor dedicated to extinct animals, fossils, dinosaurs, etc. I always like seeing all the cool raptor skeletons and standing next to them and imagining how wicked it would be if they still roamed the earth. Incredible.

Crystal Caves

The mineral exhibit had a really neat portion where they had a crystal cave in the wall that you could look through and there was a projection of a man in the cave talking about giant crystals. I took a picture of the guy, but then discovered taking pictures of the crystal points looked even…

Green Apple

Doesn’t this just look like a giant green apply Jolly Rancher? I think it was a peridot specimen. But again, I wasn’t paying attention to the info.

Planet Krypton

My favorite stop on our vacation was the Minerals exhibit at the Perot Museum. We spent literally like over an hour in there and I photographed pretty much every specimen. They were really remarkable and large and breathtaking. This was one of the more interesting looking specimens. I think it’s some kind of quartz, but…