Early Summer Flowers

I’ve been meaning to edit and upload some more flower photos from earlier this summer, and I finally had the energy/time to do so this morning. Enjoy! Shop my Society6 shop @lovelikeangels Check me out on Instagram for more photos @lovelikeangels

Mini Petunias

I usually don’t manage to get very good pictures of petunias, but I somehow pulled it off a few times this year. Maybe it’s because these are mini petunias.

Coconut Almond Muffins with Peach Chutney

This week I had a day off from work filled with sunshine, cats, roses, and the urge to bake. So I went on FoodGawker, which I hadn’t paid a visit to in quite some time, and searched my favorites. I found this recipe for Coconut Almond Cake and since I couldn’t find our small baking…