Dancing in the Wind

Floral & Nature

The time is finally here for fresh flower photography and I’m long overdue for a blog update.

Michigan weather has decided, as always, to skip spring and go from “warm winter” to “volcanic apocalypse” within a couple day span, which means that I finally had the opportunity to get out and photograph flowers at my favorite flower shop.

I’ve decided that instead of making one big post with a ton of pictures, I’m going to showcase a new photo every day/every other day. That way, each one will get it’s own spotlight, rather than get lost among the others.

Today’s is one of the more “ethereal” looking photos of this trip. I really fell in love with it even before editing, which it didn’t need much of. It kind of reminds me of My Fair Lady and all the begonias and other large flowers in the intermission section, and it looks like it’s dancing a little in the wind too.




Chrysanthemum Collection

Floral & Nature

In the past few years, I’ve discovered that I really love Chrysanthemum flowers. They’re gorgeous to look at, but even more interesting to shoot.

In this set, I’m featuring the ones I took photos of using my 50mm portrait lens – and this was by accident, because I realized too late on the way to the flower shop that I had the wrong lens on. But I think the photos turned out well regardless.

They were all shot on manual mode. My floral pieces always turn out better on manual. And I think I’m finally starting to better understand my camera. Ya know, 2 years later.


F-stop: f/1.8 Exp: 1/640 sec. ISO: 320


F-stop: f/1.8 Exp: 1/640 sec. ISO: 320


F-stop: f/1.8 Exp: 1/1000 sec. ISO: 320


F-stop: f/1.8 Exp: 1/1250 sec. ISO: 320



Do I have to write a description?


Tribal Doggy


My birthday month is my favorite for many reasons – birthday coupons being one of the top reasons.

I used this year’s Victoria’s Secret coupon on a pair of yoga capris, and because I happened to purchase them on a day they were giving away freebies, I also got a free giant tumbler with this cute stuffed PINK dog in there.


Stay Tuned

Floral & Nature

Tonight I hit up Detroit with my girl Amber to scope out hot spots for pinup photography. We ended up at the River Walk and managed to get some shots in before it started pouring down rain. However! I cannot post any pics up yet as they’re still in the processing stage, so stay tuned!

Instead, some flowers from my aunt’s garden. Woo!