The Great Grass Sea

I was browsing the Game of Thrones subreddit when I came across a DIY double terrarium someone had done, one with Jon Snow, the other with Dany. The Dany terrarium was filled with succulents – ‘The Great Grass Sea’. Anyway, this reminded me that I need to update here! With pictures of succulents. :)


Today I’ve got two pieces to share. They’re so similar, I figured they should be shared as a sister set. I don’t have much to say about these other than I really enjoy photographing ferns and fern-like plants and leaves. They’re always something interesting about them.

TBT: Dill With It

Iiiiit’s #throwbackthursday and this week I’m throwing it back to a photo you’ve never seen before, but it’s been in my archives for a few years. I like sharing these never-before-shared-on-this-blog photos with you guys.


Our front yard has leaves scattered all over and the variety of colors is gorgeous, but the bicolored red/orange ones are always among my favorite. 85mm macro lens, on my knees, the sun was shining straight through the leaf at me. As an aside, I had a small discussion last night with a former professor…


I’ve decided I need to explore the world through my macro lens again. Here’s a taste.