Poppy Fields and Memories

Floral & Nature


Have I been keeping up with the r/WeeklyPhotos 52 week challenge?

No. Because I suck. And I barely have time to do extracurricular activities outside of my work/gym, in truth. However, I am determined to catch up, so stayed tuned.

In order to balance out my schedule, I took the day off from the gym today and I had some time to shoot flowers around the house.¬†Our gigantic rose bush is in bloom right now, but tonight I’m going to share my favorite photo of the poppies in our front garden.

My earliest memories of poppies hark back to summers in the country side of Romania. Our next door neighbors’ backyard was FILLED with poppies and toward the end of summer, their youngest daughter Maria and I would pick the dried pods and eat poppy seeds like they were candy.

I recall everyone telling me not to eat too much because it would make me fall asleep. But while Maria did pass the fuck out, I would be totally energized. They have the same effect to this day. These poppies, however, are nothing like the tennis ball sized beasts that grew as tall as my 5 year old self.

They’re gorgeous nonetheless, so please enjoy and come back for more photos soon! It’s flower season!




Floral & Nature

Remember that little snippet a few days ago when I said I started to intentionally photograph flowers with contrasting backgrounds? This is one of those examples.

I have another one, in the same thread (poppies) coming up later that I like even more, but I enjoyed the gentle way of life this one conveys.


Tears of the Poppy

Floral & Nature

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll know the title reference.

And if you know anything about poppies, you’ll know the GoT term for “tears of the poppy” does indeed have to do with the medicinal properties of poppies that have been used as narcotics, analgesics, and recreational drugs (opium) for thousands of years.

As I kid, I used to eat natural dried poppy seeds straight from the pod during late summers spent at my grandparents’ country house in Romania. My grandma would always tell me not to eat too many because I’ll fall asleep, but I’ve always found poppy seeds to have the completely opposite effect and energize me rather than put me to sleep.

But cool properties aside, poppies are gorgeous flowers that come in a variety of colors, the most famous being red. Red poppies are worn on Remembrance Day in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand to commemorate those who have died in war.

And P.S. Do not eat anything with poppy seeds before taking a drug test. You will test positive for opiates.