Poppy Fields and Memories

IT. HAS. BEEN. A. WHILE. Have I been keeping up with the r/WeeklyPhotos 52 week challenge? No. Because I suck. And I barely have time to do extracurricular activities outside of my work/gym, in truth. However, I am determined to catch up, so stayed tuned. In order to balance out my schedule, I took the…


Remember that little snippet a few days ago when I said I started to intentionally photograph flowers with contrasting backgrounds? This is one of those examples. I have another one, in the same thread (poppies) coming up later that I like even more, but I enjoyed the gentle way of life this one conveys.

Tears of the Poppy

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll know the title reference. And if you know anything about poppies, you’ll know the GoT term for “tears of the poppy” does indeed have to do with the medicinal properties of poppies that have been used as narcotics, analgesics, and recreational drugs (opium) for thousands of years….