I did a fashion photo shoot this morning for one of my friends, Kristine, and I wanted to share a few pics with you guys.

Her and her husband live in this really neat house down in Highland Park with badass vintage wallpaper, amazing interior architecture, and the cutest little sun room, where we staged the shoot. The purpose of the shoot was to capture the ensemble she made, but as you all know, I’m always more attracted in capturing people’s faces when I have the opportunity. So after the clothing part was done, I put my portrait lens back on and took a few shots of the model’s face.

The first couple shots are taken with my 18-105mm lens, and the last one is my 50mm portrait lens.

I’m always grateful for opportunities like this to get me out of my comfort zone and play with light and different people. I think these photos came out well, although I’m still learning.

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Lil Bro


It’s day 12 of Blogvember and it’s my brother’s birthday! Happy birthday to the best and (sometimes) worst gift my parents ever gave me, my little turdalini, who gives me the strength and inspiration to be my best self, while simultaneously wishing I was an only child again. Just kidding (sorta), I love you bro.



It’s Always Sunny


I forgot it was Throwback Thursday yesterday, so I’m making up.

My gorgeous best friend Maria; 2012, Philadelphia.


Behind the Scenes: Hot Chicks in Spandex


This weekend was awesome. It was very busy and it contained lots of spandex – and a fear of frostbite, as it was freezing and the wind did not help. I was the behind-the-scenes photographer at my internship with PeaceLoveSpandex and took pictures of the Detroit Dames (PRETTY sure that was their name…) girl group in PLS spandex booty shorts and crop-top tank tops. Enjoy the pics and don’t forget to LIKE Vivography on Facebook!

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Michigan Renaissance Festival 2012

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Not a year has gone by in the past…6 or more, that I haven’t gone to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. This year was no exception. I made it a priority despite my very busy schedule to make it out there and enjoy a day of relaxation and fun. And I brought my friend Alyza with me! Here are a few pictures of our wonderful day at the RenFest.

Alyza’s first pickle of the day.

These kids were the best. We watched them standing together like this for a good tens. They even cried together for a hot minute.

Unicorn canes!

Note: You may NOT use this work outside of the viewing pleasure of this blog. Thank you!