Selfie Saturday + Michigan Renaissance Festival = 2012 throwback of biffle Alyza eating a pickle. This year we sported the rabbit fur fox ears and tails we purchased that year, instead of the Polish flower garlands.

TBT: Drummer Boy

One more Throwback Thursday shot from MichRenFest 2012! This guy was part of a little troupe that performed really nice drum music. Also their costumes were pleasing.

TBT: Hob the Troll

The Michigan Renaissance Festival is officially here and to celebrate, let’s TBT to a shot from last year’s RenFest of Hob the Troll. This guy is one of the annual recurring performers at the MichRenFest. I’m pretty sure singing trolly lullabies and making people pay to cross your bridge is pretty much one of the…

Knight in Rustic Armor

Woohoo! Throwback Thursday! I wish I had more opportunities to take cool portraits of people. This guy was at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, 2012.