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Woohoo! Everything’s back and up running and I have new material. Mostly food porn. My mom made these things called pogacele (I think) a couple weeks ago that involve a whole lot of rolling, stretching, rerolling. They’re traditionally made with bacon or something, but she made an equally delicious version with feta cheese and dill. Feta cheese and dill gives me life guys. And so does 16GB of RAM on this laptop, holy crap. Editing this in Photoshop was such a breeze, you have no idea. Enjoy! P.S. Here’s a recipe. You might have to hit translate though. DSC_1578copy


The Splotchy Cracked Egg

Viviana's Kitchen

I think this’ll be the last one I’m sharing for this year. I had to include it. It’s my favorite design of all of them, and also the one egg I dropped and cracked right before I stuck it in the dye. It was indeed double dyed as well. I should’ve dyed it a darker color, but whatever. There’s always next year.


The Contemporary Egg

Viviana's Kitchen

After I get tired or start feeling desperate for designs, I usually incorporate some more modern, contemporary, easier-on-the-hand designs. I’ve done birds every year, but this year I had a great arsenal of designs. This was one of the only contemporary designs I did and I really love how it turned out.


Sun Egg

Viviana's Kitchen

One of my favorite designs to do. Last year I did this one in orange. It’s just so pretty.


Teardrop Lace Egg

Viviana's Kitchen

I really liked doing this one for some reason. the big open spaces on either side are teardrop shaped. Normally I do them oval, but this a nice little twist.

Originally I was going to fill them in, but I decided it would not only be easier to just leave both sides open and just decorate the edge strip, but it also gives it a breezy, simple look, and I like that.