The Chrysanthemum Egg

As promised, a closer look at some of my favorite eggs from this year. Yes, I used shredded paper for “grass”.

Happy Easter!

So I realized earlier today that I in fact skipped out on not one, but two days without a post. But I fell asleep watching TV both nights and was way too tired to accomplish editing and posting. ANYWAY, let me tell you all about my crazy egg dying adventure on Saturday! It started out…

TBT: Kistka Easter Eggs

Awww yiss, Throwback Thursday. Since Easter is this coming Sunday, check out last year’s Easter eggs! Can’t wait to do this again on Saturday!

TBT: Kiskta Eggs

Yaaaay, the easiest day of the week! With Easter coming up in a few weeks, here’s my little lineup of Pysanka/Kistka eggs I decorated last year. The orange one next to the yellow is my favorite.

Mărțișor: Part III

Finally, a little handful of some vintage mărțișori that I saved and brought across the pond when we moved to American 16 years ago. My favorite of these is the V (duh), the paint palette, and the circle with two birds. Those are all more modern and made of plastic, whereas a few of them are…