Poppyseed Cake

My mom’s been getting creative with her cooking and baking again. Yesterday she made poppyseed cake and it is quite literally one of the most sinfully delicious desserts to ever cross my taste buds. It’s basically poppyseed filling stuck between 2 sheets of some kind of eggless, coconut-oil substituted crust. Honestly can’t eat more than…

Romanian Baklava

I totally forgot about this shoot, but after Christmas and New Years were over, my mom still had a sweet tooth and she made homemade baklava, not once, but TWICE. And I gained like 10 damn pounds, I swear to God. But it was so good.


Woohoo! Everything’s back and up running and I have new material. Mostly food porn. My mom made these things called pogacele (I think) a couple weeks ago that involve a whole lot of rolling, stretching, rerolling. They’re traditionally made with bacon or something, but she made an equally delicious version with feta cheese and dill….

Mini Kremschnit

This is one of my favorite Christmas desserts that I insist my mom make every year. This year she shopped too late for the filo dough, so she only found these mini cup things. After about 24 hours, these 8 or so are all that’s left of this particular dessert. I’m pretty sure I ate…

TBT: Romanian Style Pumpkin Pie

Because we’re just a day off from Halloween, I thought this #throwbackthursday I’d throw it back to that time a couple years ago when I coerced my mom to bake some delicious Romanian style pumpkin “pie”. YUM.