My mom made one of my favorite dishes today: Romanian meatball soup (ciorba de perişoare) and it turned out SO GOOD, I had it for lunch and dinner. Everybody makes it a little differently, but the ingredients are relatively the same. It involves meatballs (obviously) which we make from ground turkey, onions, carrots, tomatoes, parsley, and…

The Splotchy Cracked Egg

I think this’ll be the last one I’m sharing for this year. I had to include it. It’s my favorite design of all of them, and also the one egg I dropped and cracked right before I stuck it in the dye. It was indeed double dyed as well. I should’ve dyed it a darker…

The Contemporary Egg

After I get tired or start feeling desperate for designs, I usually incorporate some more modern, contemporary, easier-on-the-hand designs. I’ve done birds every year, but this year I had a great arsenal of designs. This was one of the only contemporary designs I did and I really love how it turned out.

Sun Egg

One of my favorite designs to do. Last year I did this one in orange. It’s just so pretty.

Teardrop Lace Egg

I really liked doing this one for some reason. the big open spaces on either side are teardrop shaped. Normally I do them oval, but this a nice little twist. Originally I was going to fill them in, but I decided it would not only be easier to just leave both sides open and just…