The Laugh Lines of Roses

Goooood morning Detroit! Nothing gives me more pleasure than getting in the business of flowers. Like this one. Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday.

Bitches Love Manual

A gorgeous rose from my aunt’s garden. (I put that shit on manual. *whispers* Bitches love manual.) Hahahaha I don’t touch the manual setting often just because a lot of the photos I take are in a time constraint. But I thought I’d play around with it this time. I like this result.

A Rose by Any Other Name

Oops I skipped a day. But I was so engrossed in finishing season two of Orange is the New Black with my brother last night and I honestly didn’t notice until about an hour or so after midnight. Anyway! Here’s a gorgeous rose from the Detroit Zoo, near the barn. My favorite thing about the…

La Vie en Rose

It’s Selfie Saturday! The other day, my mom and I went to Somerset and while she was using the bathroom, I perused Claire’s – because why not. I don’t normally shop Claire’s and can’t remember the last time (before the other day) that I bought anything from them because they’re insanely overpriced. However, I noticed…