Diffused Roses and Plastic Bags

As promised, some more playing around with DIY tricks and lighting.

My dad bought my mom some cute miniature roses for her birthday last weekend, and they were the first subjects for this experiment.

In addition to the DIY “light box” trick with the paper and window, I also grabbed a ziplock back from the kitchen and ripped it at the bottom, stuck my lens in it, and used it as a sort of light diffuser/lens flare.

I’ve used this trick before with other objects as well. You can use pretty much anything, generally translucent items work best. Stick them partially in front of the lens, and you get all kinds of sweet lens flare effects.

First Photo
85mm NIKKOR AF-S Micro
F-stop: f/3.8
Exposure: 1/100
ISO: 250

Second Photo
Lens: 85mm NIKKOR AF-S Micro
F-stop: f/3.8
Exposure: 1/80
ISO: 250

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DSC_1973copy DSC_1984copy


A Rose by Any Other Name

Oops I skipped a day. But I was so engrossed in finishing season two of Orange is the New Black with my brother last night and I honestly didn’t notice until about an hour or so after midnight.

Anyway! Here’s a gorgeous rose from the Detroit Zoo, near the barn. My favorite thing about the roses at the zoo is that they all smell as they should, not chemically and store-bought. I spent a while smelling them throughout the place.


A Rose is A Rose is A Rose

I did it! I finally captured this year’s roses in bloom. For whatever reason, the past few years, the roses have bloomed and wilted before I was able to notice that they were even in bloom. Luckily I noticed early on in their season and was able to have some one on one time with them.

And they smelled gorgeous, of course.

DSC_1450copy DSC_1464copy2


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Philly Eve Photos

Finals are finally over and I actually had some minimal time today to take a few pictures inbetween packing for my trip to Philly tomorrow, exercising, showering, and other things. And yes, you can count on pictures going up during or after my Philly trip as I’m sure there will be lots of awesome opportunities and things to take pictures of, not least of which will be my best friend’s cat, Ruby. I am super excited for this trip (and nervous about navigating the airports haha).

Anyway, so my mom’s birthday was this past week, and my dad bought her some deep red roses (I got her an iPod Nano, newest generation, and a Kindle Fire…that she made me buy with my money and then paid me back. That woman.) She asked me to take pictures of them (I was going to anyway) so I did. Meanwhile, today I took pictures of these candy flowers I always get really excited about whenever I go to Michael’s and see by the check outs. The somewhat ironic thing is that last time I had these, Maria (my best friend who I am visiting in Philly) and her boyfriend came to visit me over here in Michigan, and now we’re swapping. It’s the little things in life sometimes…

I also took pictures of my nails because I did the ombre sponge thing again, but Photoshop was being such a whopping douchecanoe that I had to redo the candy pictures twice because it replaced all of them with one of the nail pictures I was working on. Twice. Ridiculous! I almost wasn’t going to post any pictures, but I figured since I’m mentioning this, I will.

Note: You may NOT use this work outside of the viewing pleasure of this blog. Thank you!