Diffused Roses and Plastic Bags

As promised, some more playing around with DIY tricks and lighting. My dad bought my mom some cute miniature roses for her birthday last weekend, and they were the first subjects for this experiment. In addition to the DIY “light box” trick with the paper and window, I also grabbed a ziplock back from the…

The Laugh Lines of Roses

Goooood morning Detroit! Nothing gives me more pleasure than getting in the business of flowers. Like this one. Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday.

Red Roses, Red Roses

I have a few floral shots left over from visiting my aunt last month. This was one of my favorites. 85mm macro lens, manual setting.

A Rose by Any Other Name

Oops I skipped a day. But I was so engrossed in finishing season two of Orange is the New Black with my brother last night and I honestly didn’t notice until about an hour or so after midnight. Anyway! Here’s a gorgeous rose from the Detroit Zoo, near the barn. My favorite thing about the…

Red Roses, Red Roses

I was going to be really lazy and choose a picture from the archives for today’s post, but decided that I would edit one of the pics I took today of my mom’s Valentine roses. More floral pics coming in the next few days!   You may NOT use this work outside of the viewing…