Ginger Sunrise

It’s Selfie Saturday and I’m currently at a wedding so this is queued! I got my hair done freshly ginger last week so I’d look fantastically redhead for today and of course I had to take some photos. I mean, duh.

Fire In Her Eyes

I’m rolling this into a selfie weekend. (I still hate that term.) I’ve felt good about myself this weekend and consequently taken to pointing the camera at my face. 50mm portrait lens here, on auto.

Ginger Riesling

I missed TBT, but I’m not missing Selfie Saturday this week. I thought this would be a nice little break from the floral stuff. Here’s another picture of muh face. Enjoy :] Don’t ask about the title.

Middle Part

Heyyy it’s Selfie Saturday. I was feeling pretty and self-confident a few days ago and decided to take some pictures while there was still light out. Here’s one of the results!