Halloween was a busy day and I totally forgot to update the blog – oh well.

Here’s to #selfiesaturday though, cheers.




Heyyy it’s Selfie Saturday and I’ve got a throwback to 2009 when I was 18!

I used to take pictures of myself often, long before the term ‘selfie’ came into play and got sucked into the mainstream media’s attention whirlpool. (Sidenote: I get secondhand embarrassment and feelings of revulsion any time I hear the news mention the word selfie.)

Anyway, this was when my hair was near to my natural color (I had dyed it black in the beginning of the summer because of a failed attempt at going blonde, so it faded out to a dark browny-black) and the length of a long bob after growing out for several months.

I still regret chopping my hair that short in 2009. I haven’t been able to grow it out as long as it was then. But that’s largely in part to do with how how I’ve damaged it. :(