It’s selfie Saturday and this week I took a photo of myself that I fell in love with. It was taken with my Samsung Galaxy s5, edited in Instagram (you can follow me @lovelikeangels) and seemingly adored by handfuls of my friends alongside me. (Thanks friends!)

Fuchsia Sunrise

I’m not sure if I ever got around to uploading this photo. It’s from two years ago, prior to my visit to Philadelphia, but since it’s selfie Saturday, why not mix it up a little? Fuchsia nail polish, tipped with a golden yellow and golden glitter.


Heyyy it’s Selfie Saturday and I’ve got a throwback to 2009 when I was 18! I used to take pictures of myself often, long before the term ‘selfie’ came into play and got sucked into the mainstream media’s attention whirlpool. (Sidenote: I get secondhand embarrassment and feelings of revulsion any time I hear the news…

Ginger Riesling

I missed TBT, but I’m not missing Selfie Saturday this week. I thought this would be a nice little break from the floral stuff. Here’s another picture of muh face. Enjoy :] Don’t ask about the title.

Middle Part

Heyyy it’s Selfie Saturday. I was feeling pretty and self-confident a few days ago and decided to take some pictures while there was still light out. Here’s one of the results!