Behind the Scenes: DIY Backdrops & Self Portraits

Last week, my bff Maria and I were discussing various photography aids like lighting kits and backdrops and she was all “but ‘x’ is so cheap!” and I was like “yeah, but still $$$”. Mind you, this was a day after I had gotten my hair done so it was fresh which clearly begs for…

The Foldio Mini Studio

Christmas is finally over (a sweet relief, working retail) and although 2015 has been a pretty rough year for me, I was thinking this morning that I have quite a bit to be thankful for. This is going to sound pretty materialistic, but I was able to gift myself all 3 of my top wishlist…


Some more floral shots from my trip to Lowe’s a couple weeks ago. I always enjoy photographing small flowers and plants with multitudes of levels that the lens picks up different depending on where I focus. I think these make the most interesting pictures. I’ve got a couple in this lineup today.

Autumn Mums

I bought Mums for my mum. HA! But really, I went to Lowe’s a couple weeks ago for floral photography purposes, and ending up purchasing 2 baskets of pinky mums for my mom cause they were 50% off and she’s been telling me for a long time that she wanted mums in the fall. Also,…


Target always has the cutest Christmas ornaments. On Christmas Eve, after I got off of work, I went over there to look for last minute presents, to no avail. However, I did score these cuties.