A Taste of Spring

Floral & Nature

I should have posted these about a couple months ago but instead of complaining about that, I’m just going to casually drop the goods for y’all.

Here’s some more flowers from late spring this year.








Chrysanthemums ’17

Floral & Nature

It’s officially a month since my last update and shamefully, I did not deliver on my promises of having queued up posts. Truthfully, I was so busy and mentally occupied in the time leading up to the cruise, I just didn’t get around to it. But excuses, excuses, we’re not here to talk about that, so let’s cut to it.

I have a few chrysanthemum photos I want to share from late spring this year.

I tried some different editing styles in Photoshop with these to bring out a more vintage, cooler toned look. I need to mess around with this style, cause I definitely feel like I can enhance them even more, it’s just about finding that balance.

Hope you guys enjoy.




Winter Hyacinths

Floral & Nature

Building little terrariums and little gardens is really fulfilling. I don’t know why, but it is. Maybe it’s because you’re building life, a little ecosystem, that depends on you for irrigation, maintenance, survival.

Either way, despite the depressing snowy weather (because after Christmas, snow is depressing, let’s face it) my local Meijer is already selling potted spring plants like tulips and hyacinths. While I was doing some quick shopping earlier this week, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get my own potted hyacinth and stick it in a glass bowl.

Best. Decision. All. Week. My room smells SO fresh and fragrant and the flowers are blooming very nicely. I didn’t add any extra potting soil, only added a layer of moss on top.



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