Today I’ve got two pieces to share. They’re so similar, I figured they should be shared as a sister set. I don’t have much to say about these other than I really enjoy photographing ferns and fern-like plants and leaves. They’re always something interesting about them.


Remember that little snippet a few days ago when I said I started to intentionally photograph flowers with contrasting backgrounds? This is one of those examples. I have another one, in the same thread (poppies) coming up later that I like even more, but I enjoyed the gentle way of life this one conveys.


Thanks to our hair stylist, my mom and I have garnered an affection for pansies this year, and I took to photographing some during my outing. What I like about them is their vast spectrum of colors and that they remind me of Alice in Wonderland.


One of my favorite unintentional things (at first) that I noticed while I was doing this shoot was that I was capturing a lot of contrasting color backgrounds for the flowers I was photographing. During the editing process, however, I had loads of fun playing around with adjusting certain photographs, including this one, so that…

Dancing in the Wind

The time is finally here for fresh flower photography and I’m long overdue for a blog update. Michigan weather has decided, as always, to skip spring and go from “warm winter” to “volcanic apocalypse” within a couple day span, which means that I finally had the opportunity to get out and photograph flowers at my…