I might be about three weeks late with this post, but I finally made it to my favorite new photograph. I used this one as the front of my new business cards and even got it printed to replace the big photograph in our bathroom. I’m honestly just in love with it. The colors, even…

The Great Grass Sea

I was browsing the Game of Thrones subreddit when I came across a DIY double terrarium someone had done, one with Jon Snow, the other with Dany. The Dany terrarium was filled with succulents – ‘The Great Grass Sea’. Anyway, this reminded me that I need to update here! With pictures of succulents. :)


Some more succulents! I grabbed this thorny little guy at IKEA as well. He’s currently hanging a little lopsided in the bowl because of the way I potted him.

Hello to the Sun

I nearly forgot I had blogging obligations tonight. I didn’t forget I had photography obligations though! My best friend Maria was in from Philly a couple weeks ago and we hit up IKEA on the way home from Ann Arbor. I picked up some succulents while there and potted them in a neat flat bowl…


Some more floral shots from my trip to Lowe’s a couple weeks ago. I always enjoy photographing small flowers and plants with multitudes of levels that the lens picks up different depending on where I focus. I think these make the most interesting pictures. I’ve got a couple in this lineup today.