Tonight’s post seems like a burden cause I’m not really in the mood to blog. BUT IT’S BLOGVEMBER and I gotta keep my promises. I got my Wacom Intuos tablet in the snail mail today and it’s pretty glorious! It sped up the photo editing process and hopefully will motivate me to work in Illustrator…


I rushed over the Yates Cider Mill a few nights ago right before the sun went down because I wanted to take pictures of dead and dying foliage. I managed to get a few interesting shots before it got really dark. I did most of them on complete manual, which I find always gives me…

TBT: One Last Breath

A little Throwback Thursday with a photo I took two years ago at Yates Cider Mill. I don’t think I’ve showed this photo on this blog before, so it’s kind of a new #tbt pic for you guys. I definitely need to pick up my camera and go around taking pictures like this again.

Stamped Out

After my SD card adapter completely pooped out on me tonight, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to have something new to show you guys. But thank the gods for extra laptops and SD slots that actually work. RIGHT!? Right. Tonight’s sunset through my fabulous Ikea drapes. Holler.

TBT: Detroit Sunset

It’s Throwback Thursday! This one’s from last winter – the Detroit River and neighboring country of Canada during a gorgeous sunset.