Vivi the Riveter

Can I be lazy? I’m gonna be lazy. It’s selfie Saturday, but I’ma throw it back. ‘Round two years ago when I was bigger and my hair was darker and I channeled Rosie the Riveter in Chambray.

TBT: Drummer Boy

One more Throwback Thursday shot from MichRenFest 2012! This guy was part of a little troupe that performed really nice drum music. Also their costumes were pleasing.

TBT: Drip Drip.

Heyyy it’s been absolutely bonkers here in the Metro Detroit area. If you haven’t heard already, we had INSANE rains yesterday that flooded the majority of the area, and has closed nearly all major interstate freeways in parts, including I-75, where portions flooded up as high as 14 feet. Yes, you read that right, FOURTEEN…


I’m so distracted tonight there’s no way I can put up a new photo. Let’s do another round of Throwback Tuesday, shall we?