TBT: Drummer Boy

One more Throwback Thursday shot from MichRenFest 2012! This guy was part of a little troupe that performed really nice drum music. Also their costumes were pleasing.

TBT: Pierce

WOOOHOOOO IT’S THROWBACK THURSDAY! Tonight’s TBT comes from Detroit Design Festival 2012, at the fashion closing party where I participated in as a student designer. This was one of the gorgeous models from that night. Her eyes were so piercing.

Muscles All Around

Because I missed Throwback Thursday, I’m gonna do Flashback Friday. Also because I’m watching Orange is the New Black. Below, 50% of the wrestling tag team duo, The Painkillers, at Motor City Comic Con 2013. #musclesallaround


Blessed be the day – it’s Throwback Thursday! My best friend Maria and I bought ourselves matching costume jewelry birdy rings when I visited in April of 2012. Mine broke from wear not long after. But it was cute while it lasted.  

TBT: The Arby’s Kid

Motor City Comic Con weekend starts TOMORROW!!! In honor of MCCC ’14 and Throwback Thursday, here’s another goody from last year’s convention.┬áThis kid was walking around on Saturday (I believe) with the Arby’s hat and I thought it was brilliant. I also noticed there is an exceptional amount of gingers/redheads at MCCC. It’s heaven for…