Salted asparagus anyone? I don’t mind asparagus (or the weird things it does to pee) but it really annoys me when it’s all stringy after the baking process. I often end up spitting out chewed up wads because I can’t break it down enough to make myself swallow it. Does that make sense? Gross, I…

Pepper Plant

It’s finally that time of year that the plants are starting to come up and even grow little flowers before they fruit! I can’t wait for the summer spoils.

Popcorn Cauliflower

I’ve mentioned Foodgawker several times on this blog before. It’s literally my favorite website to find recipes on, and it never fails to help me find what I’m looking for. I’ve had this recipe stowed away in my favorites for a while now, and I finally got around to making it. Popcorn cauliflower! Recipe here….

Grilling: A Summer Staple

My mom got crafty with the cooking again a few weeks ago. Also, I had bought purple carrots and was bugging her to cook them with something for the longest time. She also bought a grill pan and wanted to try it out, so she grilled chicken breasts, veggies into kebob-less kebobs, and steamed my…