Lil Bro

It’s day 12 of Blogvember and it’s my brother’s birthday! Happy birthday to the best and (sometimes) worst gift my parents ever gave me, my little turdalini, who gives me the strength and inspiration to be my best self, while simultaneously wishing I was an only child again. Just kidding (sorta), I love you bro….

Drops of Gold

1. I’m so tired, I’m going to go pass out after I publish this. 2. I’m so thankful for themed days like Selfie Saturday. 3. My nails for Jeff & Amanda’s wedding last weekend! (Did them myself). Taken with Samsung Galaxy s5.

Bright-Eyed Angel

My favorite flower girl of the day! She is an absolutely adorable bright-eyed angel.

Ice Ice Baby

No photos yesterday cause our internet was down (we had some INSANE thunderstorm that uprooted trees, downed power lines, flooded streets, etc.) Thankfully we got cable/internet back and I was able to upload wedding photos! Here’s one of my favorites.