The Polk Penguin Conservation Center

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It’s certainly been a while since I last updated, and that’s in part with not being inspired to photograph anything and being preoccupied with other things.

However, I was privileged to be able to go to the Detroit Zoo on the day they opened the new Polk Penguin Conservation Center and it is glorious. The zoo has been working on building this new state of the art center for well over a year and now that it’s finally open, I can absolutely confirm that it is totally and unequivocally awesome.

You begin the journey by viewing the penguins via a large window, where you can also see the other side, of the center and another large window. Afterwards, you start the journey of winding your way around the center by walking downwards on a wide, wheelchair accessible ramp that’s fashioned to look like an old ship, with projections on the walls to make the experience more visual, sounds like water is spraying the ship, and bells and whistles that remind me of the Sydney Harbor scene in Finding Nemo. There’s also super light water sprinkles raining down on you the whole way down, and when you finally exit the ramp, there’s a light shower you can walk through (I walked around it because I had my camera) to continue your journey.


At this point, you’ve reached the “underground” portion of the center, where you can see the penguins diving and swimming below. There’s even a portion that’s much like the Arctic Circle portion of the Detroit Zoo, where you walk through a tunnel, and can look 365 degrees to see the penguins swimming. This is the part where I noticed they had planted a lot of live star fish and anenome-like organisms throughout the aquarium. It was pretty cool to see them slowly moving their appendages. It was also pretty cool to watch one penguin nip at a starfish that refused to budge.


However, my favorite part of the center was definitely the portion right after the tunnel, where you enter a large room  with huge glass panels that allow you to view the penguins swimming and diving and shows projects on the glass of interesting facts and how fast the penguins are swimming at the moment. The information and technology in the center is really want makes this center stand apart and brings the Detroit Zoo into the 21st century.


The last stop of the exhibit is up a couple flights of stairs and full circle to the other side of the first view of the penguins atop their rocky habitat. It was here that I also noticed the penguins that I watched diving and swimming below, I could see come up for air here. They were beyond adorable.


The end of the journey culminates in a penguin-specific gift shop, where I purchased 5 postcards, but was certainly tempted to buy a penguin plushie or two.


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If you have the chance and opportunity to visit the Detroit Zoo and check out the new Polk Penguin Conservation Center, DO IT!


Flight of the Falcon

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While the guy in the hawking and falconry act did the hawking tricks, the lady followed with the falcons.

This cutie is the one that got to swoop around us. They also had a gorgeous white falcon, speckled with mousy gray spots.


Birds of Prey

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There was a man and lady at the RenFest this year that were demonstrating hawking and falconry with their trained birdies and it was pretty much the coolest thing ever.

I’ve always been fascinated by falconry thanks for reading many English Renaissance era books in my youth about Bloody Mary, Queen Elizabeth I, Henry VIII, etc. It was really neat to see it happen in person. Falcons fly very low to the ground when they swoop in to catch their prey. And they’re absolutely gorgeous.

This particular bird of prey is a hawk, however. They fly higher.


Goat Whisperer


I think I might have to add another week to the end of this challenge to make up for missed days.

Anyway, I didn’t do throwback Thursday this week, so let’s revisit an older photo tonight, shall we?

Circa 2012, when my mom, my aunt and I went to Yates Cider Mill and I was trying to photograph the goats and they wouldn’t come near me, and then my aunt walked past the pen and I SWEAR TO GOD YOU GUYS, they all FLOCKED after her, bleating. They were literally avoiding everyone and everything until they saw my aunt. She has some kind of energy that draws animals to her. I’ve seen it happen multiple times, it’s miraculous and amazing to watch.


TBT: Crocodile Dandy




Look at him. Chillin’ there thinking no one can see him.