Just Keep Swimming


The butterfly house and the bird house are one structure at the Detroit Zoo, and after you’ve gone through the butterfly portion, you go through the bird house. There are some really beautiful birds in there, and quite a few with truly amusing personalities.

Last fall when my mom and I went to the Zoo, I took a picture of a little birdie in there that saw me coming, looked back, and then quickly waddled away and hid behind a big rock.

These cuties were swimming upriver when I entered the bird house last Saturday.



Little Dog on the Prairie


One of the cutest exhibits at the Detroit Zoo is the prairie dogs. They’ve also got these little tunnels which you can pop up through and watch the prairie dogs at their level in the ground. I’ve always wanted to go through the tunnels, but I’ve never had a proper chance.




I went to the zoo today, because why not? Also because it’s going to be in the 80s this coming week, and today is seems to be the last ‘cool’ day for a while – we topped off at about 73 degrees.

I went by myself. There were A LOT OF CHILDREN. And also a lot of ignorant parents – seriously, I can’t even count the amount of times I heard parents tell their kids misinformation about various animals. In the Outback section, I heard a lady tell her grandkid that “the kangaroos are coming out of their kookaburra!!!” and I facepalmed because we were looking at wallabies and wallabies do not come out of BIRDS.

But alas. There were zebras in the not Outback section, where I heard other ignorant comments, but was too happy to see a zebra so close to remember them.